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  • Alexandra Feinstein

    Artist Bio

    Alexandra was born in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and was fortunate enough to know as a young girl, that she was to be an artist and fashion designer.

    To pursue her dream, upon graduation from high school, she entered the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City for a degree in Fashion Design. She then attended Colorado State University for an additional degree in Merchandising. With her artistic talent, she was hired to help her instructor at CSU to teach illustration. After graduation, Alexandra went to Los Angeles, California as an assistant designer for a Chinese garment dye manufacturer. After a short period of time, she was assigned the title of Director of Design.

    Alexandra then relocated to Northern California to become the director of a group of designers to create for Nautica, Liz Claiborne, Kenneth Cole, Roxy, Quiksilver. This experience expanded into her desire for textile design and home design. Moving on to Marin County to design for world renown Restoration Hardware, she led the design direction for the textile/art/hardgoods division. She created the successful Baby and Child program for the company as well as the RHTeen Concept.

    From her present location in Colorado Springs, she continues to create designs and trends for companies in China and India as design consultant for kids and teens.

    Her art has been shown in Colorado Springs, Denver, San Francisco, New York, Santa Fe, Mexico.

    Artistic Influences and Style

    Artistic and edgy

    Artist Gallery

    Connect with Alexandra

    See more of Alexandra's work at:

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