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    Our Clients' Words

    What Our Clients Are Saying

    We believe in what we’re doing for senior pets and their owners. Our White Whiskers family members feel the same and would like to share their stories with you.

    If you are a member of our family and would like to share your story, it means so much to us as well as to others who, like you, were at one point in search of help. Thank you so much.

    “We’ve been seeing Dr. H for 2 years and we are so grateful for her and her treatments.”

    - Owners of Bear,

    Dr. Kelly's Clients

    We couldn’t be happier to have found Dr. Kelly and White Whiskers for our aging Lab, Tilly. Tilly has one eye due to glaucoma and lots of arthritic changes in her body. Though she is happy, she just wasn’t getting around very well anymore and we wanted her to feel the best she could. Dr. Kelly came into her life at the perfect time and throughout the sessions Tilly grew to love her more and more. She looks forward to the visits and always feels better afterwards. Though we know that there is no miracle cure for aging, we have seen a big difference in how she feels and she is even happier now! That tail never seems to stop wagging, especially as she waits at the door on her Dr. Kelly Days!

    If you have an aging pet and want to help them live their best life in those later years, this is a great option.

    I went into this not knowing if it would be for us, but Tilly soon convinced us that she loved it and it made a big difference for her. Her sister, Misty, also sees Dr. Kelly once in awhile for a little refresh, though she doesn’t have the same severity of issues that Tilly does…it makes her feel great.

    - Owner of Tilly

    Jennifer C.

    I have had the absolute pleasure of working with both Dr Kelly and Dr Rob Hutchison, and they are without a doubt the best in their profession. Their knowledge is incredible, but what sets them apart is their empathy and perspective.

    They want the absolute best for you and your pet, and they take all the time necessary to answer all of your questions.

    When my dog was diagnosed with cancer, I was scared and sad. I felt so lucky that in the midst of all of that I had these amazing humans providing me with the best advice possible as well as a shoulder to cry on. I will never forget my wonderful experiences with both Dr K and Dr R throughout my dog’s journey through life. I started off as their client many years ago, but now I would consider them my friends. Thank you, Dr K and Dr R for all that you have done for me and my family!

    - Owner of Goose

    Abby S.

    The best thing you can ask for as you make one of the more difficult decisions like putting a pet down in life is to surround that pet with the most loving people, and that’s exactly what Dr Kelly is. She was extremely professional and calming as we made that difficult decision.

    Not only was she great with our pup, but she was so sweet with us as well as we went through a myriad of emotions.

    She accommodated us last minute before Christmas and later in the evening, and treated all of us with such love and care. She answered every question we had with extreme patience and kindness. I can’t speak highly enough of her, and will recommend her service to anyone going through the same tough decision in life. Thank you Dr Kelly from the bottom of our hearts.

    - Owner of Sandy

    Morgan S.

    Dr. Robert's Clients

    It was clear my 16 year old pupper Lily Frank wasn’t going to make it through the weekend to her original appointment so I desperately started calling around for someone who serviced my area (Monument) and who would come to the house. It was a blessing when I called White Whiskers. Dr Robert came to the house the next day. We had LF’s transition service on the back deck where we had a cool breeze, birds, humming birds, squirrels – surrounded by all the nature that she loved. From the start Dr Robert’s demeanor was calm and gentle. He fully explained all that would happen.

    He was very tender, making sure Lily Frank was comfortable, talking to her in soothing tones. His compassion for both of us was clear.

    I still can’t put into words what my heart is feeling but I can say without a doubt that I highly recommend White Whiskers and Dr Robert with your beloved pet.

    - Owner of Lily Frank

    Sue R.

    The last thing you can do for your pet is to not let them suffer as you see your cat in decline. I usually have a cat go into stress and then rush to the emergency vet.

    I wish had the chance to keep my previous cat at home his last hours in a place he knew and felt safe.

    White Whiskers came to my home and provided a calm and caring experience to say good bye to my last cat Oscar. I wish in past years I had this opportunity for my other cats. It makes a tough decision a little easier. I didn’t see Oscar suffer. It is still sad to see them go.

    - Owner of Oscar

    Tana B.

    My two year old Boerbol had been fighting osteosarcoma. Fourth of July weekend it turned bad quickly. She was deteriorating before my eyes and I knew I couldn’t let her suffer anymore.

    I’ve never had to let go of a pet. This was my first And I never thought I would experience such pain as I did.

    They were able to schedule me that day. Dr. Robert came and was the best person To be a part of our loss. The man was beyond compassionate and had words of wisdom that allowed me to heal. He really spoke to my 11-year-old boy with such understanding and really explained the whole process delicately and help my boy get through this time. Gentle compassionate genuine authentic and such a good soul and human. I recommend him 1000% hands down. I am grateful 🙏🏼

    - Owner of Xena

    T. Bell

    White Whiskers Aging Pet Care provides in-home veterinarian services, including senior pet care, quality-of-life consultations, and pet home euthanasia. Our mobile veterinarian provides compassionate care and peaceful passings for cats and dogs in Colorado Springs, Peyton, Black Forest, Monument, Fountain, Manitou Springs, Woodland Park, Falcon, Palmer Lake, Calhan, Pueblo, and surrounding areas.

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