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    Starting this fall: White Whiskers is honored to host two monthly digital community events.

    The Sunshine Forum with Dr. Kelly: Once per month, White Whiskers invites all of its Pikes Pets owners to join Dr. Kelly for a community roundtable event where we discuss living with our old pets. It’s your opportunity to ask questions and tell stories, not just to the doctor, but to fellow pet owners like yourself. These meetings represent our opportunity to be a part of a larger pack in addition to hearing insight from special guests. Stay tuned for our debut meeting.

    ElleVet CBD Products

    1:1 CBD:CBDA Oil with a complex spectrum.  Of all the CBD products I
    have seen, this product has the most published research showing positive
    benefits in dogs with arthritis or anxiety and also the highest level of
    quality assurance.  It has such potent anti-inflammatory effects that a
    new study was recently published showing it can even be beneficial in dogs with
    Atopic Dermatitis (allergic and itchy skin).  

    As an added bonus, not only does ElleVet provide 3rd party testing to ensure the quality and purity of their product, but they also source all of their cannabis from Colorado.

    Myos Vet Strength Canine Muscle Formula with BCAA

    The main ingredient, Fortetropin®, is a bioactive ingredient made from fertilized egg yolks using a patented process. Fortetropin encourages lean muscle mass and growth in dogs.  Fortetropin is also a natural source of amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. Myos Vet Strength Muscle Formula contains additional branched-chain amino acids (BCCA’s) for added muscle support. These include L-leucine, L-Isoleucine, and L-valine.

    VRS System Support Supplements

    Veterinary Recommended Solutions Omega Benefits is currently my favorite omega 3 fatty acid supplement at this time. Omega Benefits® was used in 2 of the largest, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical studies for joint & skin health.  They specially formulate their product to be more potent and absorbable than most fish oil products out there and it is 3rd party tested for over 400 contaminants.  For ease of dosing it comes in a liquid form with a pump for administration.

    Help-Em-Up Harness

    Help ‘Em Up Harnesses are made by Blue Dog Designs based in Denver, Colorado.  Hands down my favorite assistive device out there, the Help Em Up Harness can add weeks to months to your dogs life by providing the support you need to safely help your dog in and out of the car, on slippery surfaces or on walks, all without hurting yourself in the process. As our dogs age their world inevitably gets smaller which affects their mental, physical and emotional health.  This harness is a great tool to help make their world just a little bit bigger for as long as possible.

    Just Food for Dogs

    One of our White Whiskers’ missions is to empower owners to take an active role in improving the health of their pets.  Good nutrition is a cornerstone of whole body health, and it becomes even more important as our pets age.  Additionally, many of us who have dogs or cats with age-related conditions such as gastrointestinal or kidney disease, struggle to get healthy food into our pets on a daily basis.

    White Whiskers has decided to partner with JustFoodforDogs because we believe that their company provides a viable option that addresses both of these issues.  JustFoodForDogs is one of the most research-and-education-focused fresh pet food companies in the industry.  They have a Nutrition Research and Advisory Board comprised of 13 veterinarians, including eight board-certified specialists, and their veterinary team teaches the nutrition rotation for veterinary students at Western University of Health Sciences College of Veterinary Medicine.  They use only fresh whole-food ingredients, domestically sourced produce and they offer a variety of recipes and prescription options for common senior health concerns.  And, even though they started as a dog food company, they now offer a delicious and nutritious option for our feline housemates – JustFoodForCats.

    JustFoodForDogs provides 3 different options for its food: 

    1. Pantry Fresh Meals – (Expensive but convenient) – these meals can be stored unopened on the shelf for up to two years, making it the perfect option for traveling or when boarding your dog.
    2. Fresh Frozen Meals – (Most popular) – thaw and serve.
    3. DIY Dog Food Meal Kits – (Most cost effective) – Each kit includes a recipe, shopping list, feeding guidelines and a proprietary, specially formulated nutrient blend.

    ElleVet Calm and Comfort Chews

    Visbiome Vet has the highest available concentration of gut healing bacteria that I have seen on the market (112.5 Billion bacteria (CFUs) per capsule).  These 8 unique bacterial strains were selected
    for their health and potency and is the company guarantees product potency through a strict cold chain shipping system.  Visbiome Vet is dispensed by veterinarians and veterinary clinics and is not available through chain retailers.

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