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    There is not a singular definition of “senior pet.” An animal’s life stage is determined based on size, breed, and what (if any) health conditions or injuries they may have. A chihuahua may not show signs of aging until 12 years or older, while a St. Bernard could be slowing down by age 5. The aging process for our cats can look different and depending on their health, some can live into their 20s while others may decline more quickly.

    Dental care is an important consideration for the aging pet and can directly affect quality of life. In those situations where a dental cleaning is warranted and deemed safe for your pet, we are happy to refer you to your family veterinarian or dental specialist.

    We are a 100% mobile clinic. All of our services take place in the comfort of your home.
    A primary care veterinarian at a general practice can provide annual wellness exams and vaccines. Primary care veterinarians are vital to ensure your pet gets the full spectrum of care they need. We work hand in hand with your veterinarian.

    We refer to our primary care clinic partners for their high-end equipment and excellent technical services in order for you to have diagnostic lab work or imaging performed. Our goal is to help you interpret and understand the results of those diagnostics, once completed, so that you can better use that information to be the best advocate for your pet.

    While our service is 100% holistic, we are not specifically trained in naturopathy or Traditional Chinese Medicine. We are, however, in the business of solving problems. If a possible solution to a problem exists, we want to pursue that to achieve the best outcome for your pet. As such, we offer an integrative approach sometimes borrowing from naturopathic or traditional Chinese medicine models while simultaneously pursuing solutions with the systematic and scientific approach that you are familiar with in Western medicine.

    We start our care with a conversation. Each pets’ needs are unique and our goal is to meet you and your pet where you are. Click here to provide us with a baseline of information in order to best assist you.

    You can also call our office at (719) 799-6670. Once we have determined what type of care your pet needs, we can schedule your first visit. Follow-up care can vary and will be determined following the initial in-person assessment.

    Our Sunrise Visit is a 90 minute assessment, question and answer, and treatment session with the doctor. Our CrossRoads and Sunset Visits are typically 60 minutes in length. Please contact us for more information regarding pricing.
    White Whiskers was designed to directly address some of the challenges that we most often associate with older pets. In some cases, younger pets may face similar issues we may be able to help with. Chronic pain or terminal conditions can occur at any age. If this is something that you and your pet are facing, we are here to help. If your pet’s situation is not one that we can help with directly, we will assist you in finding the appropriate services for your pet.
    Terrific! Our goal at White Whiskers is never to replace the primary care that you receive from your trusted family vet. Rather, it’s to provide a supplemental service that they cannot provide within the confines of a brick and mortar establishment. We approach veterinary care with complete transparency and a desire to work WITH your veterinarian to elevate the level of care that your animal receives.
    Our focus is on quality of life and comfort for you and your pet. Conditions that may affect quality of life can range from chronic pain such as osteoarthritis, to normal age-related sensory or cognitive decline. We cannot stop the aging process, but in many cases we can alleviate some of the discomforts associated with aging and support you during this time of transition. If your pet requires a specialty service that we do not provide, such as from a veterinary oncologist for the treatment of cancer, we can still assist you in the form of advocacy and guidance. We are happy to work with external services to ensure that your pet’s quality of life and your goals for treatment always remain a priority.
    At White Whiskers, there’s no recipe card for treatment. Rather, we assess your pet’s individual needs and create a dynamic, personalized plan to improve their day to day experience. Some of the treatment options include acupuncture (including electro-acupuncture or laser-acupuncture), PEMF (pulsed-electromagnetic field) treatments, cold therapeutic laser treatments, manual therapy (similar to physical therapy in humans), and therapeutic exercise plans. We also assess your pet’s medication regimen and home environment and can provide suggestions to optimize their individualized treatment plan.

    The primary difference between the Sunrise and Crossroads visit is the scheduling of extra time during the Sunrise Visit with the intention to treat. The Sunrise Visit is a 90 minute appointment with the goals of assessment, treatment and plan building. The Crossroads Visit is a 60 minute appointment for those who are uncertain about the best route forward for their pet. This visit is designed to assess your friend’s current condition in the context of your lives together with the goal of determining the next best step for your pet and your family.

    Hospice / End-of-Life

    We welcome their presence during the visit, but whether they are a part or keep their distance from the process is a personal decision for your family. Every child is unique and every parent has a differing comfort level with death and loss. Because of this, there is no blanket answer to this question for each family. We may be veterinarians, but we’re also parents and we know how challenging some of these conversations can be with your children. It is as much our job to help provide a bit of peace for your child as it is for us to provide that peace to you and your pet and we are honored and willing to help answer any questions your child might have about this process. If you feel as though you have a special circumstance you would like to discuss with us, please contact us and we can help counsel you through this difficult decision.

    We have partnered with the compassionate folks at Lasting Paws Pet Memorial. After your Sunset Visit, Lasting Paws will facilitate cremation services and contact you directly when your memorial items are ready to be picked up.

    We are not an emergency clinic and cannot regularly supply after hours care. For our established patients, however, we can offer an extended hospice watch that provides you with additional access to us for counseling and end-of-life services through the volatility of this time of life. Our clients are like family and we make it a priority to be as available as possible for when they are in need.
    We strive to celebrate those animals who have touched our lives in such profound ways. Let us help connect you with a talented local artist or craftsperson to help you immortalize your friend. Please visit our artists’ page for more information.

    This is one of the hardest questions to answer. We are never ready to say goodbye, but all too often our pet’s needs overrule our own desires. When that time comes, we can help. Our Crossroads Assessment form can help provide context to what you’re observing and can provide guidance towards moving forward. By submitting this form, we can reach out and provide you with additional assistance and guidance. There’s no easy way to help them say goodbye, but you’re not alone and we can help.

    For those who receive such an unhappy diagnosis, this can be a scary time. Fortunately, Colorado Springs has recently gained several veterinary oncologists (cancer specialists). That said, pursuing cancer treatment may not be for everyone. We can assist you in understanding what your options are and what the next best step is for you based on your specific needs and goals, whether it be referring you to the care of a specialist or helping carry out a palliative (non-curative comfort focused) plan.

    White Whiskers Aging Pet Care provides in-home veterinarian services, including senior pet care, quality-of-life consultations, and pet home euthanasia. Our mobile veterinarian provides compassionate care and peaceful passings for cats and dogs in Colorado Springs, Peyton, Black Forest, Monument, Fountain, Manitou Springs, Woodland Park, Falcon, Palmer Lake, Calhan, Pueblo, and surrounding areas.

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