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  • Celebrating the Aging Pets

    of Colorado Springs

    When they came into your life...

    their energy seemed boundless. Years of companionship, nuzzles, mischief and laughter have cemented the bond between you. They are family. As the years have stretched on, they move a bit slower now. The play sessions are shorter, the whiskers whiter…

    • The first of its kind in Colorado Springs •

    We believe that the golden years are beautiful years. It is a chapter of our pets’ lives in which our connection to them has matured into something that inherently changes us both. And it is a time when they need us more than ever. We have developed a one of a kind, integrative approach to aging pet care that puts their needs first, improving their quality of life, both in mind and body.

    As someone who loves their fur babies more than words can explain, I feel at ease knowing that this wonderful doctor is nearby for when I will require such services.

    - Owners of Max,

    The White
    Whiskers Mission

    At White Whiskers, we are dedicated to serving our community: our canine and feline patients and their owners, our Colorado Springs neighbors and our broader veterinary community. Follow the link below to learn more about the values that inspire what we do.

    The unofficial motto of White Whiskers is that we meet you where you are. As a mobile veterinary service, we mean that literally and figuratively. Every pet and owners’ situation is unique. Whether you and your senior pet need help with the aging process, need help in the difficult process of parting ways or are somewhere in between, we can help. Living with an aging pet isn’t easy, but you’re not alone. Click on our services below to learn more regardless of where you are.

    Where to go from here

    Unsure what to do next? We understand. These life moments are different for everybody. Fill out our contact form to schedule a consultation with our White Whiskers team.

    Dr. H. and Luna

    Thoughts from our Doctors

    Defining the Aging Pet

    The other day I hurt my back. I wasn’t moving furniture or playing football. I was picking up a towel that had fallen on the floor. It was only a momentary twinge of pain, but I knew that in a few hours those muscles would start to tighten and I’d be paying for the mundane thing I had just done. My body used to take so much abuse with only minor complaints. Age has a way of settling up old debts. And while I can complain to Dr. Kelly about the stiffness or soreness, Raylan, our 9 year old lab cannot. He plods along whether we notice him moving slower or not.    What is it about getting older that makes us all just a bit more… fragile?  You’ve likely heard the common refrain, age isn’t a disease, but many of us have also internalized the idea of dying from old age if not from “natural causes,” whatever that means. So which is it? Is it a disease process or not? And if not, why does it bring so much disease in its wake? When we look at our dog or cat with the graying muzzle who suddenly has so many issues where for so long there were none, we can’t help but ask, what changed? The nuts and bolts of this answer are stunningly complicated and even now our collective understanding of all of the mechanisms involved are limited.

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    White Whiskers is proud to be a member of the International Association of Animal Hospice and Palliative Care