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    Better Together

    Our Community

    We can muddle through life’s challenges alone, but together we’re so much stronger. Nobody said that sharing this time of your pet’s life with them would be easy, but know that you are never alone. Whether it’s in the highs of celebrating our beloved friends or the lows of having to say goodbye, you have a community of people who understand right here.

    The Sunshine Forum with Dr. Kelly: Once per month, White Whiskers invites all of its Pikes Pets owners to join Dr. Kelly for a community roundtable event where we discuss living with our old pets. It’s your opportunity to ask questions and tell stories, not just to the doctor, but to fellow pet owners like yourself. These meetings represent our opportunity to be a part of a larger pack in addition to hearing insight from special guests. Stay tuned for our debut meeting.

    The Moonlight Forum with Dr. Robert: Once per month, join Dr. Robert and special guests for a community send off of those beloved family members who we’ve said goodbye to or who are nearing their time. Understanding the cost of the love that we have for these amazing friends and that we are never alone in our grief is never more important than when we must face that loss ourselves. Each meeting will be a celebration of those whose times are past and a collective shoulder for anyone attempting to navigate the raw pain of parting ways. Stay tuned for our debut meeting.

    In Memorium

    There is never enough time to share with them, but they also never leave our hearts once they’ve made a home there. We welcome you to pay tribute to those who we miss, but will never forget.

    To Our Veterinary Partners

    As our patients age, their ability to visit a clinic setting can diminish, limiting our exposure to them and challenging our ability to provide adequate care. 

    Click below to learn more about how White Whiskers Aging Pet Care can help your practice by managing patients (and their owners)

    The White Whiskers Artist Database

    Finding amazing ways to immortalize our pets is one of our passions at White Whiskers. Luckily, everywhere we turn we meet new, talented individuals who have so much to offer our community. We are so happy to share that rolodex of talent with you. Each month we feature a different local pet artist. Click below to read the biographies of all the artists we have featured to date. And keep coming back because we’re adding new artists all the time.

    If you have an artistic idea for a pet memorial and you’d like help finding somebody to help you with your vision, click the button below and share with us what you’re looking for. If you are an artist yourself and would like the opportunity to be featured, please click the contact button below to introduce yourself!

    White Whiskers Aging Pet Care provides in-home veterinarian services, including senior pet care, quality-of-life consultations, and pet home euthanasia. Our mobile veterinarian provides compassionate care and peaceful passings for cats and dogs in Colorado Springs, Peyton, Black Forest, Monument, Fountain, Manitou Springs, Woodland Park, Falcon, Palmer Lake, Calhan, Pueblo, and surrounding areas.

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