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  • Testimonial List

    Dr. Robert Hutchison and his service rank amongst the best veterinarian care we have ever experienced. We had to quickly put down our beloved family member Rocket. We wanted it done in the comfort of “his” home and surroundings and were fortunate to get White Whiskers’ incredible support and assistance that very morning.

    From the moment Doctor Robert arrived until his departure, he was incredibly kind, gentle, compassionate, patient, and understanding of not only Rocket but with my wife and me during one of life's most difficult moments of decision making and follow-through.

    His soothing demeanor and bedside manner were simply amazing. We could not ask for a finer experience under the circumstances.

    We also want to mention their office manager Emily who got the ball rolling for us; just a wonderful person to work with.

    We highly recommend White Whiskers and their services. You will not find a higher caliber pet care service than theirs.

    - Owner of Rocket

    David P.

    Dr. Hutchison made the ultimate difference for both me and my 16 year old dog Murray, in the final months of his life. When I first took Murray to Dr H for acupuncture, we were desperate; I had already resigned myself that it was the end. His mobility and general ease of movement started to improve after the first session, and Dr H took the time to sit with me and talk about medication adjustments, little changes we could make around the house, and other tools that could help.

    Just as importantly, Dr H took the time to listen to me, hear my concerns, and give me guidance on next steps, while reminding me to trust myself and my bond with my dog.

    Dr H is so knowledgeable about caring for and treating senior dogs, and it’s obvious that she continues to dedicate herself to specialized and continuing education. On top of that, she is compassionate, responsive, and reliable. She honestly went above and beyond in her care of Murray, and we ended up getting much more quality time with him than I had dared to hope for. Although I love my regular general practice vet, Dr H’s specialized care was priceless for Murray’s comfort and my own peace of mind.

    When it was time to say goodbye, Dr H was so kind, patient, and caring. When we scheduled, she gave me the freedom to cancel at any point, and she was essentially on call leading up to that point. She came to my home, and the process was as peaceful as possible. Her gentle spirit made such a difference in the experience. She took care of literally everything.

    I can’t say enough good things about Dr H and the value for what she provided for Murray and me. I would (and do) recommend her and White Whiskers to anyone with an aging pet.

    - Owner of Murray

    Lisa R.

    White Whiskers Aging Pet Care provides in-home veterinarian services, including senior pet care, quality-of-life consultations, and pet home euthanasia. Our mobile veterinarian provides compassionate care and peaceful passings for cats and dogs in Colorado Springs, Peyton, Black Forest, Monument, Fountain, Manitou Springs, Woodland Park, Falcon, Palmer Lake, Calhan, Pueblo, and surrounding areas.
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