Ashlee Kothenbeutel Artist Spotlight | White Whiskers Aging Pet Care
  • Ashlee Kothenbeutel

    Artist Bio

    Ashlee is a recent graduate from Saint Louis University in Missouri, where she received a BA in Studio Art, emphasizing in Graphic Design. Her love for all things creative, from painting, to digital, has lead her to continue painting as a hobby and side-hustle. While not immersed in art, Ashlee enjoys yoga, hiking, running, and baking. She moved to Colorado after college to be in the mountains and enjoy all the art and culture that Colorado Springs has to offer. She has been painting pet portraiture for 5+ years, and loves capturing the character of the animal. Her work can be found via social media, Etsy, as well as a few breweries across town (Trinity and Red Swing).

    Artistic Influences and Style

    A marriage between expressionism and photo-realism, depending on the medium. I enjoy the loose and lightness of watercolor, the matte and definitive quality of gouache or acrylic, and the inversion process that happens with scratchboard artwork.

    Artist Gallery

    Connect with Ashlee

    See more of Ashlee's work at:

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