Helen Smithwick Artist Spotlight | White Whiskers Aging Pet Care
  • smithwickbh@gmail.com
  • Helen Smithwick

    Artist Bio

    I live with my husband in Colorado Springs. After I retired, I returned to my first love of painting and drawing. I took classes at the Denver School of Botanical Art and Illustration where I fell in love with everything – the opportunity to study; the different media to which I was introduced; and the excellent instruction. I graduated with distinction in 2013. I received the Sydney Parkinson Award for excellence and best overall portfolio.

    I have had work accepted into many local juried exhibitions.

    I am currently a member of the Commonwheel Artists Coop in Manitou Springs where my work is displayed.

    Artistic Influences and Style

    Realism Influenced by historical botanical illustrators

    Artist Gallery

    Connect with Helen

    See more of Helen's work at:

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