Lilly’s Memorial | White Whiskers Aging Pet Care
  • Lilly


    Departed on:
    January 14, 2023

    Remembering Lilly

    I brought Lilly home as a Christmas gift to my daughter 13 years ago. It was love at first sight. They grew up together… playing together, fighting with each other, and my daughter’s best laughs came when she was with her “sisser”. Lilly was so easy to potty train… although in true diva bulldog manner, she would pee in the house when she was mad at us. I got her to be a protector of us and the house, but I am pretty sure if someone rubbed her butt, she would show them where we keep anything of value. She never once barked at a stranger, only us when she wasn’t getting attention. She loved us unconditionally, even as my daughter got older and we got so busy with basketball…she was still always excited to see us. She was my snuggle bug… my favorite was mommy-Lilly nuggle time. I do believe God gave us dogs to experience a loyal and unconditional love as close to His love, in a tangible way. I am having such a hard time without hearing the ticks of her nails on the hardwood floors, without seeing her when I walk in the door… she completed our little family. She will always be our Lilly Ukeani, Lilly Billy, stinky bink, babycita, Lilly Vanilli, sisser!
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