Maggie P’s Memorial | White Whiskers Aging Pet Care
  • Maggie

    "Independence and SASS"

    Maggie’s Owner:
    Kristin P
    Maggie’s Breed:
    Maggie’s Age:
    9 years old

    Time with Dr. Kelly:

    4 years

    Maggie's Story

    Maggie has a reputation for being one of the sweetest and most gentle rotties around. When she started limping around 10 months old, her hips were already in bad shape and would need to be replaced. She started seeing Dr. Kelly in 2018; through acupuncture, joint injections, and pain meds, Maggie was able to get several years without hip surgery. In September of 2021, she received a total hip replacement. Dr. Kelly was there the next day to help her through her recovery. Now over a month post-op, Maggie is doing better than ever and giving the biggest TEEFIEST smiles to Dr. Kelly!