Maggie’s Memorial | White Whiskers Aging Pet Care
  • Maggie

    "Miss Independent"

    Maggie’s Owner:
    Old Mutt Hut
    Maggie’s Breed:
    Norwegian Elkhound
    Maggie’s Age:
    14 years old

    Time with Dr. Kelly:

    1 year

    Maggie's Story

    Maggie is a bit of a loner who wants to be the first to approach visitors (not the other way around). She was unwilling to have acupuncture initially, so she had cold laser and PEMF mat time. Improvement was clear, as her grumpy shoulder and hind food dragging was less pronounced. Recently, perhaps because of less back pain through treatments and also because Dr. Kelly gained her trust, she has been willing to have acupuncture and she loves it. Her back and shoulder are vastly improved and she doesn’t drag her rear foot at all any more. The girl knows what she wants!
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