Stanley’s Memorial | White Whiskers Aging Pet Care
  • Stanley

    Stanner Danners

    Departed on:
    January 20, 2023

    Remembering Stanley

    Stanley was adopted from Love Bugs rescue in California. A little Lhasa Apso. We also called him Little Lora Fauntleroy because I’m sure in his mind we were all his peasants! He was a funny, quirky, and demanding little guy who we loved dearly. He and our terrier were were inseparable for 10 years. He started to go downhill slowly about a year ago with normal age related things. Then over the last 3 months it became very rapid. When the occasional groans became constant cries we knew it was time. The unfortunate thing about our beloved animals is that they seldomly just go peacefully all on their own. It seems as though they try very hard to stay with us, knowing how much we want them to. Stanley passed at 15 years of age with his very best terrier buddy Max laying right beside him and all of us around him, with the help of White Whiskers. He will be greatly missed by all of our pack!
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